Irish Law on Android TV Boxes have changed! Is a Dreambox the answer?

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So just last week EU and Irish law on the now infamous android TV box device has been changed. The law now rules that streaming from certain softwares like Kodi is now illegal. Before this law was passed it was only illegal to download content on to your device and to share it with other users. Now merely streaming the content is breaking the law. It is important to note that the android boxes themselves are not illegal and can be used for many other things such as Youtube, Music, Social Media and legal streaming of course through your TV.

dreambox Ireland

So what other options are we faced with when it comes to avoiding big monthly TV bills. The dreambox is a freesat receiver which has become popular in Ireland over the years. A dreambox will allow you to get free to air TV channels which is 100% legal through your satellite dish. Although the dreambox is quite an impressive box it is fairly over priced and there is better options available. For example the Zgemma H.2S looks to be one of the best satellite receivers on the market today with its custom skin, ability to record and playback live TV and a full 7 day TV guide. This box goes for as little as €149.00 for a  dreambox in Ireland which isn’t bad.

Another option is the new Openbox receiver which is the Openbox V9S. This receiver is more affordable than the Zgemma box but is not as a fast and does not allow for a customized skin which makes a big difference for the interface. The Openbox V9S comes in at €75.00 so it is half the cost and gets the exact same channels. It comes down to budget and how much use you will get out of the box. If you think you will be using it daily then I would definitely recommend the Zgemma H.2S. So these are the alternatives to the android box for free TV in the future.


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Adwords campaign for Bright Whites Teeth Whitening Strips

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Apologies for the delay in posting as we have been pretty busy with our clients campaigns. We ran our own adwords campaign recently and it was pretty successful and we picked up another 4 clients for various things. Two of these clients were looking to get a basic website done, 1 was looking for SEO and the fourth was looking for a website and SEO done. So like always we met the client for a coffee and to get a feel for what they are looking for with the design. The client is question is Bright Whites and we are finishing up their website at the moment which is where they sell teeth whitening strips in Ireland.

We know nothing of this business so it was important to meet up and learn about the product and who the target market is. It was a pretty successful meeting and we are now completing the website and plan to move on to a Google Adwords campaign targeting various terms such as teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening strips in Ireland. Their starting budget is €20/day which is not a huge amounts but it does not appear to be that competitive so we should be able to get some good results with this. Our aim is to start off with some broad keywords before moving on to the best converting keywords. This is particularly important due to the small budget as there are no clicks to be wasted on this budget.

We expect to start the campaign at the start of May so are under pressure to get the site finished and produce some results for our client.


Why are android boxes becoming so popular for expats Australia?

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Q7 loadedIf you have lived abroad then one of the things many miss about home is the food, your friends and family and also the TV channels from home! Many expats struggle with missing out on sports games from home and news updates and many have given up on these things as they could be living abroad where people speak a difference language or just the TV might not be that good! This is the case for a lot of Irish people living in Australia.

Many have tried using various VPN’s which hide your IP address so they can watch RTE Player which is the online player for RTE, the state broadcaster where many Irish people would get their news from back home. There are also many sports games that are only available on RTE and TG4 another Irish channel that shows a lot of GAA which is a very popular sport in Ireland and native to Ireland. GAA includes gaelic football and hurling two famous Irish sports that you can not find abroad unless you happen to be in a big city flooded by Irish such as Sydney in Australia.

A now popular solution for this issue is the android TV box which allows you to get the Irish channels without the need for a VPN. All you need is an android box and a working internet connection and you are ready to go. We recommend a internet connection of 3mbps+ to ensure that you are getting good quality. If you are in Australia and are looking to get one of these boxes then I recommend checking out

Android TV Box

Why More And More People Are Purchasing Refurbished iPhones

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Over the past few years, Apple’s iPhone sales have plummeted severely and this is no coincidence. The company’s phones have progressively increased in price making it hard for normal consumers to make the purchase, without getting themselves into trouble. This has brought about a need for an alternative. More and more consumers have found that alternative in the form of a refurbished iPhone. Although there are some risks involved, it is undoubtedly true that repaired phones can be just as reliable as brand new phones and they’ll save the consumer a large quantity of money.


When it comes down to it, the mass majority of consumers make the switch over to refurbished smartphones, because they simply wish to save money. Although it depends on a handful of factors, consumers can potentially save hundreds of dollars by making the switch to refurbished phones. And, the phones should work just as well as the originals, as long as they’ve been properly repaired.

No Contract

When purchasing new phones, most consumers will do so by entering into a contract with a phone provider. This will generally allow them to acquire the phone without paying for anything. Unfortunately, the contract can be very lengthy and it may very well feel like a ball and chain. A lot of consumers will opt for a refurbished phone, because it may very well give them the ability to stay out of a contract. By purchasing one of these phones, you’ll be able to negotiate your own contract and avoid being locked in for years and years.

Proceed Cautiously

Although many consumers are willing to jump onto the refurbished bandwagon to save a little of money, it is essential to remember that there are some risks involved. Before rushing ahead, you should do your research and carefully examine the background of the seller. If they have numerous complaints filed against them in the past, go elsewhere!

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What To Know About The Latest Android TV Boxes

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There are numerous people within the United States that wish to cut their cable subscriptions, without losing access to their favorite entertainment content. Unfortunately, there are few ways to achieve this goal. Many streaming content providers only provide access to on-demand content and few offer any suitable live channels. Of course, a new technology is on the rise and it can deliver the content you desire at the low costs that you deserve. Android TV boxes are growing in popularity and the reasons are clear.

What Are They?

android tv boxFirst and foremost, you should understand that the Android box is a television set box, which connects to your television. In this sense, the box is little different from your cable provider’s box. However, the functionality of the box far exceeds that of the alternatives. The box connects to the Internet and allows the user to access an abundance of content ranging from live television to on-demand content and even video games.

Their Benefits

When it comes down to it, the benefits associated with Android television boxes far surpass that of regular television boxes. They’re surprisingly affordable, yet these devices will give you the ability to access more content than ever before. Not only will you be able to access live television, but also an Android TV box can be used to listen to music, watch on-demand content, and play games. And, you won’t ever be forced to pay a monthly fee, in order to do any of these things.

What To Know

Of course, it is absolutely essential to remember that the functionality of one Android box will different substantially from that of another. Some are more versatile than their competitors. So, when attempting to add one of these devices to your arsenal, it is pertinent to take your time, do your research, and make sure you find the best box for your individualistic preferences!

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