Why are android boxes becoming so popular for expats Australia?

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Q7 loadedIf you have lived abroad then one of the things many miss about home is the food, your friends and family and also the TV channels from home! Many expats struggle with missing out on sports games from home and news updates and many have given up on these things as they could be living abroad where people speak a difference language or just the TV might not be that good! This is the case for a lot of Irish people living in Australia.

Many have tried using various VPN’s which hide your IP address so they can watch RTE Player which is the online player for RTE, the state broadcaster where many Irish people would get their news from back home. There are also many sports games that are only available on RTE and TG4 another Irish channel that shows a lot of GAA which is a very popular sport in Ireland and native to Ireland. GAA includes gaelic football and hurling two famous Irish sports that you can not find abroad unless you happen to be in a big city flooded by Irish such as Sydney in Australia.

A now popular solution for this issue is the android TV box which allows you to get the Irish channels without the need for a VPN. All you need is an android box and a working internet connection and you are ready to go. We recommend a internet connection of 3mbps+ to ensure that you are getting good quality. If you are in Australia and are looking to get one of these boxes then I recommend checking out www.androidtvaustralia.com.

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