Adwords campaign for Bright Whites Teeth Whitening Strips

Posted on April 20, 2017 By

Apologies for the delay in posting as we have been pretty busy with our clients campaigns. We ran our own adwords campaign recently and it was pretty successful and we picked up another 4 clients for various things. Two of these clients were looking to get a basic website done, 1 was looking for SEO and the fourth was looking for a website and SEO done. So like always we met the client for a coffee and to get a feel for what they are looking for with the design. The client is question is Bright Whites and we are finishing up their website at the moment which is where they sell teeth whitening strips in Ireland.

We know nothing of this business so it was important to meet up and learn about the product and who the target market is. It was a pretty successful meeting and we are now completing the website and plan to move on to a Google Adwords campaign targeting various terms such as teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening strips in Ireland. Their starting budget is €20/day which is not a huge amounts but it does not appear to be that competitive so we should be able to get some good results with this. Our aim is to start off with some broad keywords before moving on to the best converting keywords. This is particularly important due to the small budget as there are no clicks to be wasted on this budget.

We expect to start the campaign at the start of May so are under pressure to get the site finished and produce some results for our client.


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