Irish Law on Android TV Boxes have changed! Is a Dreambox the answer?

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So just last week EU and Irish law on the now infamous android TV box device has been changed. The law now rules that streaming from certain softwares like Kodi is now illegal. Before this law was passed it was only illegal to download content on to your device and to share it with other users. Now merely streaming the content is breaking the law. It is important to note that the android boxes themselves are not illegal and can be used for many other things such as Youtube, Music, Social Media and legal streaming of course through your TV.

dreambox Ireland

So what other options are we faced with when it comes to avoiding big monthly TV bills. The dreambox is a freesat receiver which has become popular in Ireland over the years. A dreambox will allow you to get free to air TV channels which is 100% legal through your satellite dish. Although the dreambox is quite an impressive box it is fairly over priced and there is better options available. For example the Zgemma H.2S looks to be one of the best satellite receivers on the market today with its custom skin, ability to record and playback live TV and a full 7 day TV guide. This box goes for as little as €149.00 for a  dreambox in Ireland which isn’t bad.

Another option is the new Openbox receiver which is the Openbox V9S. This receiver is more affordable than the Zgemma box but is not as a fast and does not allow for a customized skin which makes a big difference for the interface. The Openbox V9S comes in at €75.00 so it is half the cost and gets the exact same channels. It comes down to budget and how much use you will get out of the box. If you think you will be using it daily then I would definitely recommend the Zgemma H.2S. So these are the alternatives to the android box for free TV in the future.


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